About BRED Espace

With BRED Espace you can enjoy the very best of both online banking and traditional banking.

BRED Espace offers you the services of specialist personnel for your different projects in life.
Studying abroad for a few months ? BRED Espace Students will support you
A family project in France or abroad ? Our BRED Espace team will be at your side
Wish to make a real estate investment ?, Our experts are always on hand to provide advice…

Our dedicated advisors at BRED Espace specialise in international matters. This means that you will receive support with all your projects, wherever you may be.

You can contact your advisor via his direct line, email or video conference.

Your advisor is available Monday to Friday 09:00 to 19:00 and on Saturday between 09:00 and 16:00 (Paris time).
If you wish to meet your advisor when you are in Paris, you can also arrange an appointment to take place at our dedicated site in Rue de Rivoli.
And of course, if your advisor is away you will be served by a colleague who works with him or her as a team, and therefore knows you as well!

BRED Espace offers you all of the online banking applications to enable you to manage your accounts remotely and independently.

In addition to your free bank debit/credit card(1), you will receive a welcome gift of €80(2) when you open your account
(1)With a BRED Access, Classique or Premium account, deferred debit, refund of 1/12 of fees if lower deferred limit reached – €200 or €400.

Much more than just an online bank, BRED Espace will also provide you with support for all your financing requirements:
If you need money for your studies in France, we have introduced a system of tailor-made student loans with flexible amounts and repayment periods (3).

If you are planning to make a real estate investment, we will help you buy your main residence or second home in France, or finance improvements or a buy-to-rent investment… (3)

We can simplify your day-to-day payments and transfers outside the eurozone with the BRED Planet package:
BRED Planet means that you do not have to pay our bank charges on card transactions and transfers
You select your own options in accordance with your specific needs and the length of your stay.
Special benefit for students: 50% reduction on the fee (see terms and conditions)

BRED Espace is part of the BRED group, the largest bank in the BPCE group.
Created in 2002 to meet the needs of our customers living abroad, BRED Espace is constantly evolving to ensure that it continues to meet its customers needs.
Today BRED Espace covers:

  • 32,000 customers
  • 40 advisors

An extensive range of products and services

(1) : Offer applies when opening your first BRED Espace bank account covered by a BRED Access contract, Classique or Premium, deferred debit, refund of 1/12 of fees if lower deferred monthly limit reached – €200 or €400
(2) Offer applies when opening your first BRED Espace bank account covered by contract, may not be combined with another current offer. Amount credited to the deposit account if your application is approved by the bank.
(3) Subject to conditions and approval of your application. For further information, contact BRED Espace.